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Having chartered a course through thousands of years of civilisation, the boat has an important and longstanding role in our culture and heritage. It may have lost its historic status as the number one transport for industry, but boating has taken on a new lease of life as a leisure pursuit.
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Boating Advice: Coping with Man Overboard Situation, Emergencies on Board: Leaks and...
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Boating Holidays: Arctic Voyaging, Sailing Holidays in the UK and Abroad, Motor...
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Buying a Boat: Understanding Your Sailboat, Buying a Boat: New or Used?, Certified...
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Equipment & Training: A Career as a Boat Captain, Gaining Crew Experience, Motorboating...
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Events & Activities: Sailing, Boating and the National Trust, Ocean Rowing, Tall Ship...
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Ferry Travel: The Demise of the Hovercraft, The History of the Channel Ferry, The...
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Hazards at Sea: How to Avoid Sea Piracy, Cape Horn: The Everest of Sailing, The...
Types of Boating
Types of Boating: Tall Ships and Sail Training, Motor Boating, Power Boating, Canoeing...
Types of Sailing
Types of Sailing: Introduction to Sailing, Daysailers, Yacht Cruising, Trailer Sailing,...
Latest Comments
  • Matty
    Re: The History of the Channel Ferry
    I didn’t realise this was going out as a general request for information. But if anyone out there can help me or point me in…
    3 December 2020
  • Matty
    Re: The History of the Channel Ferry
    Do you have any information on the ferries that operated between Harwich and the Belgian coast during the late 1920s / early…
    3 December 2020
  • Oscar
    Re: Getting a Boating Licence
    I’m need a license for a 14 ft 5 bh for a pleasure and fishing in the Thames ? I’m used just in the weekend and I’m taking home
    26 August 2020
  • Toff
    Re: Getting a Boating Licence
    Hi pls help with few questioned I have. I bought a fletcher arrow speed boat for sole use on our lovely British coastline for some…
    14 May 2020
  • John89
    Re: Getting a Boating Licence
    I’m buying an 8 metre yacht to live in at a dock and going to sail around the uk sea do I need a license
    12 April 2020
  • Jay
    Re: Getting a Boating Licence
    I want to learn how to drive a boat do I need some form of provisional? Do I need to do a test etc before hiring a boat out etc
    28 November 2019
  • Jake Brook
    Re: Getting a Boating Licence
    Can anyone help at all I just don't know where to start. My self an the kids have decided to buy a rib inflatable boat what do I need…
    7 August 2019
  • Kar893
    Re: Getting a Boating Licence
    We have upgraded from our inflatable canoes to Intex Excursion Inflatable Boat Set with Aluminium Oars and Pump ( 5 Person Model) The…
    2 April 2019
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